Regional Social Program or better known as RSP is a program where locals in one region plan a social program together in hopes that all the incomings from different locals would be able to get to know each other. Furthermore, unconsciously this event has created a bonding time for members of SCOPE and SCORE from CIMSA UPH and CIMSA UI. The theme for this year’s RSP is Jakarta’s History and Culture with the concept of Amazing Race so that the incomings would be able to learn while having fun at the same time.

This event was held on the 10th of August 2019, from 8 AM until 3 PM. The activity was an amazing race which took place in six landmarks all around Center Jakarta and North Jakarta. The race started at Taman Suropati, where the committee briefed the participants regarding the rules and regulations of the Amazing Race.

The incomings moved from one station to another guided by liaison officers appointed to each group of incomings. There were 6 stations in total with different games, each a famous landmark of Jakarta, which was The National Museum, Istiqlal Mosque, Pasar Baru, Fatahillah Museum, Kali Besar and Toko Merah as the finish line. Each game was meant to introduce trivial aspects of Indonesia, such as traditional children games, traditional drinks such as Bandrek and Cendol for the incomings to try and there was one station where the incomings were asked to reenact famous folktales like Malin Kundang. Just before the race finished, the incomings were given some time to have lunch with their liaison officer at Café Batavia in Kota Tua. At the end of the race, the committee members in charge announced the winning team and took pictures together with the incomings.

Not only that this program has given both universities a reason to bond with each other but furthermore, it has helped each member and officers to be able to adapt and work with new people. It also allows us to be able to manage our time, finance, and creativity better. It has also increased our cultural awareness.