‘SECO International Day’ or better known as SINDAY, is a program made especially for the Incomings of SCOPE MMSA (CIMSA) FKIK UMY. It is an annual agenda to introduce Indonesian cultures to the incomings and vice versa.  Along with this activity, we hope that the incomings and our SCOPE members have bonded with each other and learn a few stuffs here and there.

This year’s SINDAY was held on July 21st, 2019 with 12 of our incomings and 9 SCOPE members. Theparty started in the guest house from 6 PM up until 10 PM. Our incomings were Adriana, Carlota, Eugenia, and Maribel from Spain, Daria and Margarita from Poland, Kristina, Richard, and Simon from Slovakia, Mariana from Portugal, and last but not the least was Alice and Baptiste from France.

Our first agenda of the night was a culinary journey throughout the world. Our incomings were given time to prepare their national food and drink, where they will cook at the guest house with the ingredients found from the nearest market. Although the ingredients available in the market wasn’t exactly the right fit as they would find in their country, but they managed to adapt and improvise with the ingredients available. Hence, making the food very tasty and similar to the traditional ones. Our incomings from France served crêpe with chocolate jam and Slovakia served their somewhat popular food named vyprážané zemiakové placky, or also called haruľa, where its main ingredient is a potato and it is served as a deep-fried pancake.

After our food journey, we did a presentation about the cultures of the world starting from Indonesia by SCOPE UMY then continued to Poland, followed by Portugal, Slovakia, France and finally from Spain. Some of the highlights of the presentations were the country’s geography (location in the map, environment, season, etc.), its demography (ethnics, tribes, language, etc.), public transportations, tourism, arts, even some trending topics in the country and its hottest issue! Through this agenda, we finally discover more about one’s cultures. Turns out, that we had a lot of differences in habits and lifestyle. Nevertheless, we believe that the difference between each person and culture is what makes it beautiful and unique.

After our sharing session, we did a little ice-breaking activity to bring the joyous laughter into the room again. On this agenda, our incoming from Spain performed one of its traditional dances called the Flamenco. The incomings were beyond excited to present us with their culture, not only that, but they also took the time to teach our members and all the other incoming on how to dance to the beat. Not only that, but SCOPE UMY also had a special performance prepared already, which was a traditional Indonesian dance originated from Banda Aceh called Saman. All the incomings were wowed at the precision of Saman dance, they could not believe that something that looked so simple could’ve been so hard. Due to their excitement that is through the roof, some of our members taught the incomings on how to dance Saman. The house was echoed with a clapping sound and our laughter. At first, they struggled due to Saman’s upbeat tempo but with a persistent mind, they were able to follow through with the dance. In the end, all of us danced together and what an exuberant experience for all of us.

Our last agenda of the night was dinner, although some people did not have anything to eat as they were still full of the food they had prepared earlier. During dinner, the room was filled with chats and waves of laughter between the incoming and our members. We are now closer than ever since our bonding throughout the night. All in all, everyone had a great time as both parties benefitted from this activity. The incomings found out more about our cultures and our people whilst our members discover lives and lifestyle outside Indonesia. We hope from this activity, it could increase our tolerance, respect and brings unity in diversity. Moreover, we wish that this activity wouldn’t end, and we hoped that we did a great job of giving an unforgettable experience in Indonesia, especially in Yogyakarta.