Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta

Our University

Universitas Indonesia was established in the year 1849. It has 2 locations, one in central Jakarta, specifically Salemba, and the other in Depok. As of right now, the majority of faculties are in Depok. UI in Salemba is now the center for Medical purposes and holds as one of the centers for any other master programs

Our Hospital

RSCM or RSUPN DR. CIPTO MANGUNKUSUMO is an academic medical center hospital closely tied with the Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia (FMUI). It is the leading educational hospital for FMUI. The main director leads its structure, which has four divisional directors: director of medical, nursing, and support services; director of human resources, education, and research; director of finance and state property; and director of general organizational planning. The clinical students will attend their clerkship in this hospital, while the preclinical students will be in Depok. Aside from a hospital, it also has a research institute known as the Indonesian Medical Education and Research Institute.

Our Departement


Internal Medicine-general