National Exchange Committee (NEC) is a committee consisting of 11 people who has different roles in improving the quality of work of SCOPE CIMSA. The NEC is led by two national officers, that is National Exchange Officer (NEO) for Incoming and National Exchange Officer (NEO) for Outgoing. It’s supervised by a SCOPE Advisory Team (SAT)┬áthat includes two persons.

The NEOs, in maintaining the internal affair to improve the quality of members and improving the external affair to expand, to create partnership and to manage the marketing of SCOPE, are assisted by Vice NEO for Internal Affair (VNI) and Vice NEO for External Affair (VNE). There are also secretary who manages the administration of SCOPE CIMSA and treasurer who manages the financial aspect of SCOPE CIMSA. We also have Program Coordinator (PC) who manages the activities of SCOPE CIMSA and its locals, Media & Communication Coordinator (MCC) who manages the social media & its strategy and all publications of SCOPE CIMSA, and Fundraising & Merchandising Coordinator (FnMC) who manages the fundraising and creates SCOPE CIMSA merchandises.

For more information regarding our job descriptions and work, please contact the current position of any concerning NEC.