Exchange The World by CIMSA Unsyiah

Having such curiosity about exchange can’t be felt enough, as CIMSA Syiah Kuala University has been craving for the exchange introduction, Exchange The World (ETW). ETW is held annually to introduce and promote about exchange program, SCOPE and SCORE program. In 2017, surprisingly, ETW were announced as The Best Activity on 1st Period (2017/2018) by our beloved CIMSA, on Hello Day! So, what makes ETW 2017 got different senses of its existence? Here’s how!

As usual, ETW was a seminar about the experiences of having exchange, how to get this golden chance, and how to deal with its procedures. In order to make the audience can’t deny its excitement on ETW, we invited our senior, our previous LEO, and also the previous secretary for National Exchange Officer, who was, dr. Tjut Farahiya Hadi (we called her, Kak Tjut). She was going to France before. Due to her cheerfulness and enthusiasm, materials brought in ETW were so awesome and mesmerizing the audience. So, Kak Tjut has  told us about her own experiences, like having friends from France and meeting the cool doctors, even was taught again about essential things like reading ECG and stuff, tasting the cuisines in France, and many more. This presentation was done through slides, which were made by Kak Tjut. As ETW is not an ordinary seminar, we also  presented videos from IFMSA and You Tube to be the additional entertainers during ETW, all of which were the promotional videos for exchange. So, before and after the materials given by Kak Tjut, we presented the videos.

Next, the second presentation brought by Aulia, the outgoer of SCORE program who will depart to Polandia in the period of 2017-2018, also shared about how to have a good preparation for passing the exchange program, begin with a good writing for motivation letter, a good CV, and etc. The audiences took some note and couldn’t have the eyes off Aulia’s presentation, even the committees themselves. We all listened carefully.

So, after Kak Tjut and Aulia have done their slides, LEO for Outgoig (Raisha Fathima), and LORE (Zikrie Al-Mucktari) altogether present the procedures about how to go for exchange. Step by step but sure! In this part we also ensure the audience, that having ETW on that November will be so meaningful for the readiness of outgoers, whether for SCOPE or SCORE program. There are 5 months more for Exchange Fair, as National SCOPE will set it up and locals also, and SCOPE CIMSA Unsyiah does hope for the increase of enthusiastic Unsyiah medical students who want to deal with exchange program. To measure the knowledge about exchange program, we also conducted a pre-test and post-test, before and after this third presentation. The tests were done by filling the given questions through a link and the audience accessed it. As it’s expected, more then half of audience could answer the questions, meant that there’s the increase of undesrtanding about exchange program, yeah!

Not enough on videos, interesting presentations, but ETW 2018 also came up with quiz, which was “Guess What??”, a quiz that’s guessing about a country’s name, based on some criterias. The one who answered correctly and the fastest one, would get a gift! So, back to how it runned, the given criterias were about the health system and special hints which was well-known about the country. For example, the first question was about a country with its health system, called Securite Sociale, lowest mortality rate, free house keeper for the women who have just given birth, and having Ratatouille as its popular Pixar movie. And also, about the 7th country of Eropean Union with its society who feel so happy with its health system, one of outstanding Eropean countries for medical torism, having Jakdojade as an application for accessing schedule of the whole public transportation, and last clue is, Warsawa as the capital city (Are you also ticklish to answer?? LOL). So, as the clues were given, the audience cheerfully  tried to answer by qiuckly raising their hands! Finally, we had two lucky winners, Cut Tisya Salsabila Putri and Fanny Sabilla, the 2017 medical students of Syiah Kuala University. Lots of fun are unforgettable from ETW 2017!! We all wonder what the upcoming ETW will be, and do hope ETW will be beneficial for us especially for the exchange program, here and after.