Exchange Program

To promote cultural understanding and co-operation amongst medical students and all health professionals, through the facilitation of international student exchanges. SCOPE aims to give all students the opportunity to learn about global health, and attains this partly by having its exchanges accredited by medical faculties across the world.


The IFMSA Professional Exchange Program is targeted for all Indonesian medical students, regardless of their university. The Indonesian outgoing students will have the chance to experience a four-week clerkship in a clinical field of medicine of their choice. The program is for academic and educational purpose only, therefore there will be no payment for the students. During the exchange, the students are to experience the health care and the life of a clinician in the designated country under supervision of outstanding doctors and professors as tutors.


All medical students participating in an exchange program in Indonesia are entitled to a four-week clerkship in a clinical field of medicine of their choice. To complete the clerkship, the exchange student must follow all of the rules. Clerkships are solely educational, and students are not paid. During the exchange, the student will have the opportunity to witness Indonesia's health-care system and learn from our outstanding doctors and professors. Every student is assigned a physician supervisor who serves as a tutor and mentor.

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