TELESCOPE : Teaching & Learning English with SCOPE by CIMSA FK Unpad


‘Teaching and Learning English with SCOPE’, shorten as TELESCOPE, is a social project done by SCOPE CIMSA FK Unpad. This year marks the second year of the partnership of TELESCOPE by SCOPE CIMSA FK Unpad and The British Institute (TBI) which has successfully gained a wonderful feedback last year. This year, TELESCOPE is being held every Sunday twice a month with the total of 6 interventions, in Bani Salam orphanage Buah Batu Bandung. It is involving 30 children of various age, ranging from the second to sixth year of elementary school.

The aim of TELESCOPE itself is to reintroduce English to children in the most fun way. SCOPE CIMSA FK Unpad teaches English language to the children in Bani Salam orphanage through songs, games, and dances. And of course as medical students, improving nation’s health is also a priority. In TELESCOPE, there are also some basic healthcare lessons delivered in English, such as washing hands in 7 steps and encouraging the children to have a healthy lifestyle. There will also be a fieldtrip held for the children to visit Universitas Padjadjaran to end this whole TELESCOPE projects and introducing them to higher level of educations.

There’s also something new this year! SCOPE CIMSA FK Unpad invites all SCOPE incomings of September to help teaching English and having fun with the children! Indeed, the children were very excited to learn English more because they were always trying to interact with the incomings. The incomings were also having the time of their lives, because during the whole project, the incomings along with the children and SCOPE members danced, sung, and played games together as the methods of learning. By joining this project, the incomings were also introduced to the real local experience by interacting with fully curious children.

Clara Harrs, a SCOPE CIMSA FK Unpad incoming from The Netherlands, has joined 2 TELESCOPE interventions and always been the most excited one to teach. “It was a great experience going to the orphanage and teaching English to the children. They were all really excited seeing me and my friends and participated actively in the different learning activities of TELESCOPE.” Clara said. She continues, “I am happy that I had the opportunity being a part of this project and it was a great experience which I’ll never forget.” She will be leaving Bandung by the end of September and is surely going to be missed by the children of Bani Salam orphanage.

TELESCOPE is now and will always looking for another way to improve more and it cannot wait to meet you again next year with a whole lot of improvements!