Enhancing SCOPE Members with Exchange Class by CIMSA UNS

SCOPE UNS held a project that aims to prepare the new members to be a good contact person for the future incomings, Exchange Class. There were two interventions of Exchange Class, which are Exchange Class Part I and Exchange Class Part II.

Exchange Class Part I was held in our campus. The new members were taught about all about SCOPE and its exchange procedures for incomings and outgoings. We also explained about SCOPE CIMSA’s organizational structure locally and nationally. We also invited AIESEC for this project, because we want our members to meet and communicate with the real foreign students due to the absence of our incomings in March.

Exchange Class Part II was held in our campus and RSUD dr. Moewardi. It aimed to introduce our members to the hospital’s environment. Our members were assigned to find the secretariat office and all departments. The event was designed into interesting games and they were divided into groups. They also had to fill a table in their booklets, “A Guide to Be a Good Contact Person” that guided them to be a contact person.

Hopefully with Exchange Class, we could improve the ability of our new members to facilitate our incomings.