Promoting Exchange Student Around The World (PEACE OUT) by MSCIA

Promoting Exchange Student Around The World or we usually call it PEACE OUT was an activity brought by MSCIA Brawijaya University which aimed to spread information about exchange and was followed with the opening registration for medical student of Brawijaya University who were interested in participating for exchange program. This event was held for 3 days from 20th March until 22nd March 2018 at the lobby of our main building in the faculty called GPP and it opened from 12:00 until 17:00.


In fact, there were no differences in each day because there was always a consultation booth for visitors who wanted to know more about our exchange program. They could ask the chief of DOPE and DORE (in CIMSA, usually called LEO and LORE) to give the information that they were curious about. There was also a poster design contest which we already had a registration before the day, so we put their posters on with a theme “Country Bucket List” so the visitors had to vote for their favorite photo by sticking a sticker on it on day three. The visitors seemed excited for the event and they said that the decoration was eye-catching because our theme of this year is SUMMER. We could understand it from the sticky notes of their opinion or even critics for our event. By this article, let us tell about the groove to enter PEACE OUT: first, registration of the visitors, our local committee worked to explained in regards of the exchange process from the registration, the submission, purchasing the form, choosing the country desired, until becoming an outgoing. Next step was the visitors were guided on how to vote the poster design contest. Followed by writing down their comments or opinion on sticky notes and which country they had interest in and the last, they could go to the AIESEC booth for another study program beside medical (because in Brawijaya University, we have 6 study programs in one faculty like pharmacy, nursery, midwifery, etc.) If they came with a group, they could also join the Wefie Contest in our photo booth. For those who still felt curious and wanted to know more about how the exchange is, they came to a booth of consultation that was facilitated by our LEO and LORE. Last but not least, after the session ended, the free snacks were given as a bonus for visiting our exchange fair. The event ended at 17:00.



On the second and the third day, we ran the same as the day before. The committee was ready to roll their task. The visitors started to come and the amount of them was increasing. It also ended at 17:00. For the third day, it started also at 12:00 and we started to vote the poster designs made by students.


By presenting this exchange fair annually, we can build upon the interest of this exchange program of medical students Brawijaya University and give a great impact for our locals, our faculty and definitely, MSCIA itself.