Here comes the day to open the new chapter of NEC

Introducing you the National Exchange Committee 2018/2019

  1. Rifky Ramadhan as National Exchange Officer for Incoming (NEO-IN)
  2. Sylvie Dominic Teh as National Exchange Officer for Outgoing (NEO-OUT)
  3. Valencia Ayu Sari as Vice NEO for Internal Affairs (VNI)
  4. Desyavira Aisyah as Vice NEO for External Affairs (VNE)
  5. Nabilla Calista as Secretary
  6. Kezia Angela Celine as Treasurer
  7. Syifaurrahmah as Project Coordinator (PC)
  8. Tengku Amir Ramadhan as Media and Communication Coordinator (MCC)
  9. Muhammad Rayhandi Naufal as Fundraising and Merchandise Coordinator (FNMC)
  10. Nadya Stefanie Andhika as SCOPE Advisory Team (SAT)
  11. Andrina Addalia as SCOPE Advisory Team (SAT)

We wish you a great experience and wonderful journeys ahead!