Cultural Day by MSCIA UB

Cultural Day is an event from MSCIA UB that has been held regularly every year. The purpose of this event was to provide a forum for Incomings and MSCIA members to interact and share with each other about their respective cultures. In addition, what distinguishes this year’s Cultural Day from the previous concept lies in the concept of the event where this year we did not only introduced the culture of Malang city, but we also introduced the Incomings about the Independence Day celebration of the Republic of Indonesia.

The Cultural Day event was divided into two major Agenda named Amazing Race and Cultural Night which was held on Sunday, August 26, 2018. Amazing Race began at 10 am in Tugu Malang City Hall.The first activity that we do is foody race where the incomings is divided into 2 group and they have to guess what food they are eating based on the characteristics of that food that we had previously wrote on the guidebook that we gave them. They have to compete with each group to be the fastest to finish, they really enjoys the traditional food that we gave them eventhough they never tried it before. They tried a wide variety of traditional food, from the sweet one to the savoury one like klepon, wajik, pukis, lemper, pastel. But their favourite food was lemper and klepon. After we finish foody race we move on to the next agenda which is going to splendid animal market , there we told the incoming to ask the Indonesian name of 5 animals that they want to choose, they can ask the shopkeeper with the help from MSCIA member. After they know the Indonesian name for that animal than they have to take a selfie with that animal. In splendid animal market the incoming were very excited because there is no place like splendid animal market back in their country, they took pictures of the animals there and some of them even wants to buy the animal. After going to splendid animal market we ride the macito bus going around malang. The bus ride was very fun eventhough we had some obstacle for example we ride the bus in the second floor and we have to avoid branches and street cables because the street of malang are not used to having double decker bus.  After the bus ride is finished we gather in back in Tugu Malang and the incoming go home to prepare for the Cultural Night.

At night, we have one big agenda called the cultural night. the incomings arrived at dave’s at 6 in the evening. The event was opened by Vice Project Officer of Cultural Day, Aysha Emeraldine Utama, followed by words by the Vice President of MSCIA UB Tama Ilyas. then, the event continued with a “Bumi Pertiwi” dance, performed by one of MSCIA member, Annisa. Because the Euphoria of Indonesia’s Independence Day can still be felt in that moment, then after the Incomings presented their culture, we decided to do some Lomba 17 Agustusan such as “Lomba Makan Kerupuk”, “Lomba Lari Kelereng”, and then “Lomba memasukkan Paku kedalam Botol”. The enthusiasm of the Incomings was very big in this competition. They really don’t want to lose to each other. Next is food journey, where we shared each other’s foods and tasted special cuisines from several countries. Pantumaca – bread with tomato , Arroz Doce – sweet rice, Pasta Al Pesto- pasta with basil and Parmegiano Sauce Leite Creme – cream milk caramelized. And from us, we Served Sate, Soup, Fried Banana, Bakwan Jagung, dan Mie Goreng. The incomings favourite indonesian cuisine were Sate, because they thought the chicken tasted good; it was sour but could be sweet with the peanut sauce. After the food journey was done, we continued with listening words and tought (kesan pesan) from the incomings about indonesia, Especially malang. And finally we took photos togeter.