On last Saturday, August 25th 2018, SCOPE CIMSA UNAIR conducted its first social project. The project title was EXPECTO: Explore English with SCOPE Today. This project involved members of SCOPE CIMSA UNAIR, street-children activist community Save Street Child Surabaya (SSCS), and the incoming exchange students in CIMSA UNAIR for August 2018.

The event last from 2.00 PM until 5.00 PM at Faculty of Medicine, Airlangga University with two main agenda, giving lessons on English to street children and having fun games like in Independence Day, the Incoming’s a; so take part to teach and play among the children throughout the day. We were hoping this event shall increase curiosity and act as a platform to channel their ability to speak Internasional Language as the SDG’s No.4 point out, and giving incoming’s a new exciting experience to feel Indonesian themed celebration for Independence Day.

During the preparation of the event, there were no significant obstacles. An observation to the SSCS had been done, and a follow-up was regularly done with SSCS contact person after that. The LEOs and coordinators conducted a meeting 1 month prior to the event to ensure equal task distribution. And at last, three days before the event a plenary meeting was done. CIMSA UNAIR officials, LEOs, coordinators and their members, and also the incomings all attended this last meeting to clear the technicalities of the event.

Unfortunately, some of the incomings had already finished their exchange contract by the time EXPECTO was held so they could not come. The committee could not afford changing the date forward by one day because the children had to go to school that day. On D-DAY, the committee has been gathered at the venue at 11.00 AM for preparation. At first, it should be started at 1:00 PM, but there’s a slight miscommunication with the contact person, so the children arrived at 2:00 PM. When they entered the room and meet the Incomings, we can see their sheer excitement. The event began with opening and dividing the group. On this session, the committee had a troubled moment as the participant had overload excitement, luckily from SSCS party they sent the children’s guardian to save the day.

A pretest was then conducted, continued by giving a lecture to the children, and a post-test was held in the end. The teaching-learning process went by conducively and the children seemed to enjoy and had fun. They started to be able to communicate with the incoming students and asked them to take some photos together.

Exactly at 3:00 PM, the children and incomings gathered at FK UNAIR field to start the games. At this moment, the children are very excited even the committee got overwhelmed. At the end of the day, when there’s should be different sessions for each game, it becomes one grand session when two teams compete while the others spectate.

EXPECTO was finished at 5 PM. Winners for competitions were announced, certificate papers were given to contributors. Then food, beverages, and goodie bags were distributed, and at last everyone took commemorative photos together. This marks the end of EXPECTO 2018.