XBOX is an event that is included in the annual MSCIA series for Dean and FKUB’s citizens to persuade FKUB student about medical student exchanges, and what will they get in exchange, and what must be prepared before the exchange. The event was attended by presenters from several MSCIA alumni who had conducted research abroad, and were also attended by several outgoings, incomings, as well as representatives from each LSO / BK in FKUB. The event was attended by all FKUB students.  XBOX is an event that been scheduled every year. This year, XBOX was held on September 21st, 2018. As a series of exchange promotions, of course this event aims to increase student interest, especially new students in 2018 class to join foreign exchange programs to conduct research on health in the destination country and share information and give influence when returning from that country.
On the day of the event, the event opened with a speech from the chief executive of XBOX, followed by a speech by the President of MSCIA UB then continued with a pretest about XBOX, then the exchange material provided by 2 ex-outgoing people who had experience in exchange and represented by each ex-outgoing from Professional Exchange & also Research Exchange. And after that it continued with sharing booths by 8 ex-outgoing people from 5 different countries. The material contains their experiences during the research, what knowledge they gained related to health facilities in the destination country, government policies, health care systems, and more. In addition, those who come out also share their experiences there, impressions and messages, obstacles, and everything that must’ve been prepared for exchange. Then proceed with Ice Breaking. The next post test is held regarding the material that has been given. Then the distribution of outgoings and incomings by the Chief Executive. Followed by consultations related to exchanges and preparations carried out between groups such as Small Working Group, then the participants were directed to each country’s booth in accordance with the layout on the computer, with people leaving each country and also providing consultation for AIESEC booth, which is a youth organization at the university level which is engaged in leadership, which also provides exchange programs and facilitates exchanges for non-medical doctoral majors in order to realize its goal called SDS’S All Ss.
The committee gave food and drinks to participants at a food party. After that the event was closed by praying together and taking pictures with the participants, the committee. Then ended with an evaluation by the entire committee and SC. From the indicators of success, there were unplanned things came up and quite messy events and unsucccesfull mechanisms, but success indicators have been reached, and the number of registrants has reached more than 150 people.