TECO (Teaching English and Collecting Books) is a project held by SCOPE CIMSA UNRI. This event was held at Sunday, Desember 2nd 2018 at Syiar Qur’an Center (SQC) Rumbai, Pekanbaru. The event started at 9 a.m and finished around 12 p.m. This project aims to teach basic English to SQC (Syiar Qur’an Center) students in order to know English because the importance of English in this modern era. The Organizing Committees arrived at the location around 7:30 a.m to prepare all the needs of the event such as putting up banners, carrying donated books and others.

The activity began at 9.00 WIB. The event starts with the opening by the MC, followed by praying together for the event. Right after that was a speech by TECO Project Officer, M. Irvan Almaqdisi. After some speech from Irvan, the representatives of the Syi’ar Quran Center, Ustadz Gunawan also gives some words and also hoping this event will help the students of Syi’ar Qur’an Center gaining their knowledge towards English. And the last was a remarks from the Farah Mardhiyah as the Local Exchange Officer for Incoming and also opened the event.

The event was welcomed enthusiastically by students from kindergarten and elementary school at SQC (Syiar Qur’an Center). For the kindergarten students, the first series of this events was filled with material by showing educational animated videos of English language introduction such as numbers, alphabets, and body parts for kindergarten students. The purpose of giving this video to the kindergarten students is to provide an introduction of English to students before students are divided into small groups that will be led by tutors.

The students were really happy watching the video, they start following the videos by singing together and starting remember the words that given in the videos. After around 30 minutes watching the videos, we divided the students into some small groups and each group have 2 tutors who’s gonna teach and give some post test to the students. As for elementary school students, participants are immediately divided into small groups and same as the kindergarten level, 1 group will be guided by 2 tutors. The materials for elementary school children is subject, articles, questions, greetings. Each tutors already guideline for teaching the students.

They’ll give the material, and after that followed by a questions and answer session between the tutors and participants in the small group to see the understanding of the SQC students (Syiar Qur’an Center) on the subjects that given to the students. The students seemed to understand the material presented by the tutors well, marked by the enthusiasm of the students to answer a number of questions about the material that had been delivered earlier. The event was followed by a quiz session and for participants who could answer they would be given prizes by the committee, but still divided into 2 categories : kindergarten and elementary school

The students seemed very happy to receive exciting material from the tutors especially after the event was over, all participants received a gift prepared by the committee. Others than only teaching English to the students, according to the name of this event “Teaching English and Collecting Books”, the committee has also made a charity to collect English reading books a few weeks before the event begins. At the end of the event, the committee gives books to the Syi’ar Qur’an Center. The reason why the book was also given was expected by giving this book, students could read books in English and improve their abilities.