In 2018, SCOPE did another SCOPEXpedition. With the theme of ‘SCOPE the explorer’, all the newbies in SCOPE were asked to solve a riddle and travelled to 5 places in Surabaya to complete the missions that were given, and raced to the final place to win the game. SCOPEX were held on Saturday, December 8th, 2018. There were a total of 7 groups that joined this year’s SCOPEX, each group consists of 4 newbies and a Liaison Officer (LO) from the members of SCOPE to guide the newbies. This year is a little bit different from last year, because this year the groups were split into two routes. The first 4 group has to solve a riddle that leads them to Tugu Pahlawan, while the other 3 groups has a riddle that leads them to Balai Kota.

The purpose of SCOPEXpedition being held is that the newbies can know more about Indonesia, especially Surabaya to the core, like what is the most popular place, what kind of traditional foods does Indonesia have, what is the culture like in Indonesia, and others. With this information, the newbies can be a guide and introduce these places to the incomings from overseas. In this year’s SCOPEX, we chose several places in Surabaya that are considered as a tourist attraction, such as Tugu Pahlawan, Balai Kota, Kebun Binatang Surabaya, Lapangan Koni, and Taman Bungkul. For the final place, we chose Layar Seafood Restaurant.


Each place has a mission that the newbies had to complete, and if they succeed, they would get a clue for the final place. In Tugu Pahlawan, they had to take a picture with the statues in there, with the same pose and expressions, and they had to upload it to their social media. In Balai Kota, they had to shoot a 1-minute video and be a tour guide, introducing Balai Kota and other tourist places in Surabaya, and upload it to their social media with the hashtag #scopexpedition, #scopetheexplorer, #cimsaunair, #fkunair, and #univairlangga.


In Kebun Binatang Surabaya, they were given papers that contains the names of SCOPE’s projects, and they had to find the definitions of the projects that the members had already hidden in the area. In Taman Bungkul, each newbies would be blindfolded and they had to taste and guess a traditional food from Indonesia, minimum of 3 people out of 4 had guess it correctly so they can succeed. Lapangan Koni was a bit different from the other places because the game had to be played by 2 groups at once. They would battle against other group by doing a relay. The first person would run to the second person, then they were given a paper that contains questions about CIMSA and SCOPE and they had to answer it correctly so that the second person can run to the third person and so on. The group that wins the relay got a chance to go to the final place faster, while the losing group had to wait for the other group to show up and do another battle.

SCOPEX ended with all of the newbies and members having a feast and bonded with each other in Layar Seafood Restaurant. Group 1 won 1st place and received a prize from the members of SCOPE. Thankfully, there were no troubles and SCOPEX were successfully held.