English as international language is the most used language in the world, which English can send the information, by oral or writing. Including article, it will be popular around the world if it is written with good English, many people will read the article and more people will get the information. This thing should be challenging especially for the writer to give good sentences to make the reader understand from many categories of the reader. The students at school also should be taught from the beginning to use good English so they can express their idea by an article and it can be read by people also not from their nationality.

That reason inspired SCOPE CIMSA-BEM KM FK UNAND to make a project named SPEAKING (SCOPE Provide English Skills and Knowledge for Better Generation). We hope with SPEAKING the members of SCOPE CIMSA-BEM KM FK UNAND can share the knowledge how to use good English, especially by the pronunciation of a vocabulary and the grammar to the junior high school students. On the other side, we also taught them how to make a good English article and made a wall magazine about health and culture. We chose the English club member of SMPN 2 Padang to be taught about the making of a good English article with the purpose was to increase their knowledge for using English especially in making an article for two month.

This project was held from 5th October 2018 until 12th November 2018, SPEAKING had four interventions to introduce the English club students about how to make an article and grammar related with health and culture. On the first intervention, at 5th October 2018, all members of SCOPE got a training from our external partner in SPEAKING; an English course, ELs Padang. In this intervention, member of SCOPE got training about how to make an article and grammar that related with health and cultures. They also got many tricks about how to teach junior high school with the interesting way, So while they go to the students, they know what it should be. In this training, member of SCOPE was very active.

Three days after the member of SCOPE got the training, we did the second intervention at 8th October 2018. We did a bonding with the English club students of SMPN 2 Padang using some games. This intervention had some purpose to know each other and explain why SCOPE comes to their club. They were very happy and with the open hand welcome us. We had a focus to build the relationship before we start give the lecture on the next intervention, so it could avoid bad perception while we came. Next, on the third intervention, at 5th November 2018, at the classroom of SMPN 2 Padang, the students had a lecture about how to make an article and grammar that was presented by the member of SCOPE; who had gotten the training about that topic in the first intervention.

This intervention would give the student the understanding about making the article in English easily. Before the lecture started, they had to answer the pretest to measure how far they know about the topic before the member of SCOPE give the lecture. We had adjusted the lecture with their level of knowledge that they got at school. At the end of the intervention, the student had to answer the posttest and they were divided into four groups, included two groups discuss about health and two more about culture. On the fourth intervention that was held on 12th November 2018 in SMPN 2 Padang, the article that had been made by each group was decorated together with the members of SCOPE, and then they displayed the article on their school wall magazine.

In this intervention, the November incoming student of SCOPE; Astrid Holm, joined us to meet the students. Astrid shared many thing included taught the students about making a flower made from the origami. The students also were very happy to meet and play together with Astrid. They also tried to encourage themselves to make an interaction with Astrid. We hope, from these interventions in SPEAKING, the English club student’s knowledge of English will be increased, especially about the article and how they make it. We also hope from SPEAKING, they will be enthusiast to learn the grammar so they can share their idea about something from an English article one day.