The increase in unhealthy lifestyle found amongst Indonesians has made non-communicable diseases increase throughout the years. One of the risk factors of non-communicable diseases includes sedentary lifestyle. It is found that sedentary lifestyle can increase 82% risk of communicable diseases (NCBI, MSSE 2010) and according to RISKESDAS in 2018, only 5% of Indonesians lead a healthy lifestyle such as consuming nutritious food and works out. This information shows that there is still a lack of public awareness in carrying out a healthy lifestyle and how Indonesians prefer living a sedentary lifestyle. Hence, Indonesians must start adopting a healthier lifestyle to prevent unwanted diseases.

With the arrival of our incoming students, this can be a prime example of what a healthy lifestyle is. We believe that these incomings had a very invigorating lifestyle from their home country. With them coming here, it would be an opportunity for us to exchange ideas and knowledge of what a balanced and healthy lifestyle is. Hence, CHEMISTRY was created to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas. This activity focuses on one of CIMSA’s SDGs which is the 3rd goal that read ‘National Health System Target’ and the 4th goal which is “Ensuring Inclusive and Equitable Education and Encouraging Lifelong Learning Opportunities for Everyone’. Not only that, this activity supports.

On 16th August of 2019, SCOPE CIMSA-BEM KM FK UNAND held a recurring project called CHEMISTRY. CHEMISTRY itself stands for cultural sharing, health issues and meeting with incomings. We have noticed that Indonesia itself has pretty poor knowledge in terms of living a healthy lifestyle. So with this project, we gather around some information about what good health is throughout the world. Where we will combine and inform people how important a healthy lifestyle is and what the impact is towards our health.

The first thing we do was learn about healthy lifestyle such as, what is it about, how to initiate and maintain it, the benefits and how to urge other people to live healthily.  We learned that despite it is very important, a lot of people in Indonesia still doesn’t take it seriously.

On our 2nd  intervention which was held on the 18th of August 2019, we had an event called cultural night with students of UNAND and our incomings. On that night, the incomings had to cook something healthy from their home country, and then they will explain about the food that they have prepared. Where they explain how the food is processed, what are the benefits of consuming it, its nutritional value and also some cultural aspects about the food, such as, when is it mainly served and their presentation when it is served. We spent the night cooking together and sharing our culture, where we bonded through our cuisines and where we connect through our cultures. The diverse culture and personality have been impactful for FK UNAND students and the incomings. The diverse of minds that shared on the night was very impactful both to the FK UNAND Students and also the incomings.

Throughout this project, everyone had a great time whilst learning a lot of stuff that can only be taught by experience. Not only that, we gained tons of knowledge in a more diverse scope, we also bonded with our incomings and connect through foods, laughter and joy. Despite that, we believe that this short yet sweet project can’t change the lifestyle of the Padangnese, but we believe by continuing this project, it will create an impact on our society.