On 25th of August and 21st of September 2019, SCOPE CIMSA UNAIR held an event called EXPECTO which stands for Explore English with SCOPE Today. The purpose of this event is to improve our knowledge about the English language by teaching it to people around us. By knowing and understanding English, we believe that communication with people from around the world will be easier for us. We also believe that it is important to pass a bit of our knowledge to the next generation as early as possible. Hence, we decided to held an event focusing on teaching English at a local orphanage called Permata Insani. We hoped through this event, the children can enhance their potential and be the best person they could be.

We had tons of fun with the children of Permata Insani Orphanage Surabaya. We taught the children how to speak and read in English with many different activities, for example by storytelling. Aside from that, we also let them interact with our incomings and had them share their experiences. The incomings were glad that they had the opportunity to attend the event and help us teach the children. They shared their experiences with the children which made them very happy.

This is a new experience for the children of Permata Insani, as they do not encounter a lot of foreigners on a daily basis. They asked a lot of stuff such as the incomings’ hobbies, where they came from and the culture of their country. This activity helped the children improve their pronunciation and speaking skills. Beyond that, we also had to make sure that the children have learned something valuable through this event by giving them a pre-test and a post-test.

Aside from English lessons, we also did a few games like word-guessing,  a clapping game and many more to help the children learn more words without getting bored. Furthermore, we also taught them theories on how to properly communicate in English. Then, the children tried using these theories to communicate with each other for them to understand better and effectively. All in all, we were glad that we could give them a once-in-a-lifetime experience to learn English with foreigners. We hoped that after the event, the children could use their knowledge to do good for our beloved country and reach their maximum potential in the future.

At the end of the day, we both learned a few things through this event. As members of SCOPE CIMSA, we learned how to interact better with other people, moreover, we also learn how to appreciate our lives and what we have. Finally, we hoped that the orphans could gain some skills and experiences to help them grow better as an individual. We also hoped that these orphans could make Indonesia a better place when they are all grown up.