As the facilitator for IFMSA Professional Exchange Program, SCOPE CIMSA Indonesia hold the role to facilitate all medical students in Indonesia to have a glimpse of experiencing the largest exchange program for medical students all around the world with the structured and qualified selection process to ensure the quality of the outgoing students.

We would like to thank all of the applicants who have participated in our 2nd batch selection process.

Finally, we are proud to say that this year selection process is come to a result. Attached below is the outcome of the selection process, the names of the applicants selected to represent Indonesia in Professional Exchange Program.

We hope for the best results for everyone and may all the selected outgoings put the given chance for exchange to the best use. For those who haven’t, we do appreciate your eagerness during the selection. Worry not, as we still have many opportunities waiting for you. Thus, SCOPE CIMSA Indonesia are ready to enter an exchange season 2020/2021.

Click here for SCOPE CIMSA Outgoing Announcement 2020/2021

Standing Committee on Professional Exchange

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