Another year means another new member. New member means another new addition to the SCOPE family. On November 23rd, SCOPE CIMSA UNAIR held an annual project called SCOPExpedition or better known as SCOPEX. With the theme ‘SCOPExpedition Around The World’, newbies, along with one of SCOPE’s old member as their liaison officer was asked to solve some riddles in order to get to their next destination.

This year, we have five different spots for them to complete five different missions. These spots are related to Surabaya’s famous and historical places. The missions that these members have to complete are related to the countries of the world. Each spot requires two teams to play. A penalty of 5 minutes delayed departure, and a harder clue was given to the losing team, while an easier clue to their next destination and a puzzle piece of the final spot were given to the winning team of each round. Every team’s destination was organized in a way so that they wouldn’t have to face the same team twice. These five spots are Lapangan Koni, Tugu Pahlawan, Jembatan Merah, Taman Apsari, Taman Bungkul, and finally, Pondok Tempo Doeloe to end the day.

In Tugu Pahlawan, the teams were asked to play a game called ‘Beer Pong.’ This game was originally played in the United States, but instead of using beer for this game, we use some carbonated drinks. The rules for this game are quite simple; in a span of 4 minutes, both teams are required to throw a ping pong ball with the intent of landing the ball in a cup of soft drink. Each team had to drink a cup of soft drink after each failed attempt. The team with the most ball landed successfully in a cup, wins the game.

In Lapangan Koni, both teams were asked to play a traditional Indonesian game called ‘Sack Race’ with a little twist; this game will be a relay race between each team member. A glass filled with a ping pong ball was dangled in the first player’s neck. The first player had to pass the ball to the next player after they jumped for about 10 m. The first team who are able to pass the ball to the final spot wins the game.

The game that we held in Jembatan Merah was called ‘Pass the Sukro.’ In Taman Apsari, we played a game called ‘Flip Tac Toe, ‘ which was a combination between Tic Tac Toe and Bottle Flip. Last but not least, we had a game called ‘Bamboo Flip,’ which was held in Taman Bungkul.

Finally, we got to gather all of our members and the newbies at Pondok Tempo Doeloe after a long and exhausting day. We had two teams with a tied score, so we held a sudden SCOPE related quiz to determine the final winner. Overall, it was a great experience for all of us to get to know SCOPE a bit more.