According to the survey result conducted by English First (EF) back in the year 2018 regarding English Proficiency Index (EF EPI), Indonesia is still behind other countries even among our neighbouring countries in South East Asian region. Indonesia got an average score of 51.58, which placed us at ranks 51 out of 88 countries surveyed globally. The importance of English nowadays is quite significant, given the extensive exchange of various scientific fields from different countries makes us as the future generation have to master English as global language to become the global citizen. The motivation to learn English in millenials are quite low; we believe that this was because there is quite a lot of lesson that taught on a daily basis in our current curriculum. Moreover, students think that English is a boring subject and for that, it needs to be intervened.

Going from this status quo, SCOPE CIMSA BEM-KM FK UNAND is here to help junior high school students learn English in a fun and interactive way, as well to sparks their interest in speaking English! This community development activity is in line with one of CIMSA’s focus, which is the 4th SDGs, “Ensuring inclusive and equitable education and encouraging lifelong learning opportunities for everyone.” This community activity also supports the CIMSA Program “Human Rights Equality and Human Resources for Health.”

SPEAKING has the noble purpose of communicating to the community in providing education about how to make articles on health issues in English thus be able to increase the knowledge of the students in SMPN 2 Padang in English. Especially in creating reports and improving their soft skills in English by interacting with the community through the publication of articles within two months.

Our first intervention was held on the 11th of October 2019, we work side by side with the external partner of our project, English Tutor Centre or better known as ETC. In this intervention, our members were taught how to make an article and teach English in a fun way. Through this intervention, not only do we gain knowledge, but we also learned some communication skills. Our members were very enthusiastic about learning the English language. We are also very excited to go for our second intervention, to be more interacted with the students and start practicing things we learnt in a fun way with SMPN 2 Padang English Club!