Exchange activities are one of the leading activities held by SCOPE FK UNS. Its aims are not only to exchange the mindset of a health case, but the exchange also can be a place for cultural exchange and introduce the beauty of the archipelago. During the exchange program, the incoming requires someone who will accompany and introduce the culture of the archipelago. Therefore, SCOPE facilitates incoming students with a contact person who is tasked to accompany the day-to-day arrivals and help out in case of difficulties. To make the newbie become a good contact person, SCOPE FK UNS held training and also did a tour to Moewardi Hospital which would be very useful for being a good contact person.

Exchange Class SCOPE CIMSA FK UNS itself was held on & March 2020 which took place in Lecture Room 2 of the Midwifery Faculty of Medicine, UNS. By what has been explained before, Exchange Class is present not only to provide information but also to instill an attitude to be a good outgoing contact person so that they can interact well with the incoming. At this event, training for members of SCOPE 2019 was conducted which included training on the main tasks of being a Contact Person, then role-playing in dealing with certain cases during dealing with the incoming and ended with a tour at the Moewardi Regional Hospital covering important places for the incoming and also the administration which will become one of the contact person tasks. This training was conducted by Local Exchange Officer (LEO) SCOPE FK UNS, Nasya Thahira.

Then there was a sharing session with 2 incoming students who were doing the exchange program in Solo, Anna (SCORE Incoming Student), and Klara (SCOPE Incoming Student). The sharing session aimed to make SCOPE 2019 members accustomed to interacting with foreigners and incoming people who incidentally have frequently going exchange gave their stories about new cultures and motivated members not to be afraid to exchange.

The next session was a role play in certain cases. Regarding the issue issued was how to enter the first time issued like about the money changer, purchasing basic materials and explaining some cultures that must be obeyed, then followed by scenarios about the order and scenarios when explaining several tourist attractions to be visited during the program social.

After that, the event continued with touring Moewardi Hospital, precisely visiting the institutions that are usually the choice of doing the exchange program such as Obgyn, Surgery, Internal medicine, and Paediatric. Also, the 2019 SCOPE member was invited to tour the administration section. We hope this activity will be useful and enjoyable for the members to increase the sense of belonging to the FK UNS SCOPE.