Exchange Fair is a routine campaign organized by SCOPE and SCORE CIMSA Indonesia as an event to promote exchange activities including professional exchange and research exchange to medical students throughout Indonesia. That’s where the International Medical Exchange Experience (INTERMEDIC) from UMY comes to play.

INTERMEDIC was held on 23rd April 2020 and 25th April 2020 by MMSA UMY through the Student Exchange Committee (SECO) and Research Exchange Committee (RECO) with the theme “Ready, Set, Sail” regarding Theme of Exchange Fair this year. This two-day project was attended by medical students from several medical faculties in Java and Sumatera Island. Some of the main agendas carried out in this INTERMEDIC were talk show in day one, role-playing, and country fair in day two.

The first agenda, the talk show, was given by several speakers, Made Dwi Aryastana J as National Exchange Officer for Outgoing CIMSA 2019-2020, Kevin Alvaro Handoko as National Officer on Research Exchange CIMSA 2019/2020 then Local Exchange Officers both Professional Exchange and Research Exchange from UMY; Farisan Kusniadi and Wiriasti Danantika.

The materials explained were, one among many is about the introduction of professional exchange and research exchange, exchange administrative needs, country exchange options, available departments, selection flow along with tips and tricks during the exchange.

Also, there is a roleplay presented by the ministry of RECO and the Ministry of SECO for Outgoing in filling out an application form and English test simulations of 10 sets of questions filled by the participants to measure their competence early before the selection process begins.

The country fair which is the last agenda may as well be the most awaited activity by the participants who attended INTERMEDIC. In this session, participants joined the agenda by following Instagram live by @mmsaumy. Several countries fill the country fair this year, such as Poland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Russian Federation, Czech Republic, and Belgium. The committees are also allowed to take part in this country fair so that they can attract their interest in participating in the exchange.

MMSA UMY hoped that with the holding of INTERMEDIC, the interest of medical students toward exchange would increase, and also the committee that participated in the success of this activity would benefit in increasing soft skills and hard skills.

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