Peace Out, Promoting Student Exchange Around The World, is one of two MSCIA’s projects that are held to inform medical students of University Brawijaya about the IFMSA exchange program. This event was held for three days, starting from March 2nd to March 4th, 2020, at the lobby of Medical Faculty Brawijaya’s main building from 12.00 – 13.00 and 15.00 – 17.00. At this event, students can register to join our exchange program. For bachelor students of other majors such as nutritionists, midwifery, nursing, pharmacy students, the AIESEC Brawijaya are invited to join this expo so they can have the same opportunity to join our exchange program.

The preparation and promotion for this event started from the week before the main event. Posters were blasted in MSCIA’s official Instagram and Line accounts. The media and communication division worked closely alongside the event division to make sure the design and the content are matched and are delivered coherently. On Sunday, March 1st, 2020, all of the committee members came to help decorate the booth for the expo at the venue.

On the first day, the expo officially opened at the stroke of noon, which is also the students’ lunch break. A few of the OC committees stood in the entry area to attract students to come and see the booth. The students were also given a leaflet and were directed to our photo booth. When they take a photo, they could participate in our photo booth contest. Students are requested to follow the treasure map, which can be found on the cover of the leaflet. At the first stop, the students were informed of the IFMSA exchange programs and the difference between SCOPE and SCORE exchange programs. Students were informed about the exchange flow at the second stop, starting from the local selection, national selection, and what documents are required for the exchange program. The decoration helped the students to understand better, especially at the second stop, since the steps are explained visually for the benefit of future outgoings. The decoration helped the students to understand better, especially since the exchange flow can be somewhat lengthy and complicated. And on the third step, we explained which NMOs or countries are available for our exchange programs. All the information covered in the first three stops can be found in the leaflet given.

The final stop was the treasure stop, where future outgoing students could register themselves for our exchange by buying the Application Form. Not only that, but interested students were also noted so they could be further informed about the ongoing progress of the exchange programs. Since we also have an ongoing poster competition, students were given stickers at the registration desk so they can put it beside their favorite piece. The theme of this poster competition is “Travel Medicine.” In this expo, students can also find testimonies from former outgoing students so that they could be motivated to follow their steps. The AIESEC Brawijaya Desk can be encountered right by the exit.

After each day of the expo, the committees will clean up the booth and organize their plan based on the following day’s evaluation. Before the expo, the committee will also be given their job description since the academic schedule differs from one student to another. This way, we ensure that our booth is always occupied. DOPE and DORE are available every day to help explain the flow of each stop to the students. At the same time, both Department Chiefs, as LEO and LORE, stand by at the treasure stop so that future outgoing can consult to them regarding the right exchange program for them. Other committee members have different job descriptions. The media and communication division, for example, will have to document the event, including when one of our Vice Dean, dr. Eriko Prawestiningtyas, Sp.F, graced us with his presence. The winners of the photobooth and the poster contest were announced together with our event report via Instagram and Line post through MSCIA’s official account. The rewards were given on the third day of our expo by the DOPE and DORE’s Chiefs.