The main activity by SCOPE CIMSA UI is the exchange activities, in which SCOPE CIMSA UI send outgoings and receive incomings annually. Each incoming and outgoing member will be assisted by the newly recruited members of SCOPE CIMSA UI, especially in terms of administration. The new members will become a buddy for the incomings, where they become the contact person for the foreign students and as someone who follows up things that are needed for the exchange program. Hence, SCOPE CIMSA UI held Basic Exchange Training to prepare the new members and gave them an idea about what it takes to be a good buddy.

Due to the current pandemic situation, this event was held online on August 14th, 2020 through Zoom meeting. This event was conducted by Nathaniel Bonardo Hasian, as the Fundraising and Merchandise Coordinator for SCOPE CIMSA 2020/2021, Local Exchange Officer for Incoming SCOPE CIMSA UI 2019/2020, and a novice TNT Trainer. All of the new members and some of the second-year members of SCOPE CIMSA UI attended this training.

This event was opened by a greeting speech from both Local Exchange Officer for Incoming and Outgoing SCOPE CIMSA UI. Before the Trainer gave the training materials, the members initially had to take a pre-test. Then, it was followed with a presentation regarding IFMSA, SCOPE, incoming and outgoing exchange procedures, academic quality, and with ice-breaking sessions in between.

The next session was Small Working Groups, which aims to solve several cases about the exchange procedures and academic quality. The members were divided into 2 groups in 2 breakout rooms as they took turns solving the cases.

In addition, a sharing session was held between the Trainers and second-year members with the new members about the experiences they encountered while being a buddy to the previous incoming and outgoing. Before the event came to an end, the members did a post-test to measure how well they understand the materials given. The training ended with a photo session. We hope this training will be useful for the members to help incoming and outgoing in the future.