On September 26, 2020, was a special day for SCOPE CIMSA UI. On that day, SCOPE CIMSA UI arranged its first activity called LETTER. LETTER or Lenses Through The World is an activity that enables the participants, as well as the demography, to learn about health systems across the globe. The hope of organizing this activity is to raise awareness of criticism for an effective health system. It also aims to augment the concept and insight of a good and effective health system. This activity is composed of 2 main activities, which are LETTER 1 and LETTER 2, which will be held on the 5th of December, 2020. The Project Officer of LETTER 1 is Pandya Praharsa, a member of SCOPE CIMSA UI batch 2020. LETTER 1’s main theme is about financing in the health system, in which it was chosen based on the previous assessments. For LETTER 1, SCOPE CIMSA UI managed to invite Ufara Zuwasti, MD, MSc as the guest speaker and dr. Fahmi Kurniawan as the moderator. Both of the guests are CIMSA UI alumnus and have massive contributions to CIMSA UI.

The rundown and concept of the activity was composed of the opening and introduction of the activity, as well as introducing the guest speaker and the moderator. It was then followed up by a presentation by the guest speaker about another introduction of the material, which was about the basic principles of economics in healthcare. After that, the next timestamp was a discussion with the audience. The flow of this discussion was intended to be more interactive rather than a materialized webinar.

After the discussion ended, and all of the questions and opinions have been answered by both the moderator and the guest speaker, it was then time to briefly explain the summary of the activity itself including the material and also the discussion. The summary was explained by the moderator. Next, SCOPE CIMSA UI gave a token of appreciation by handing out a certificate of appreciation virtually for both the guest speaker and moderator. Lastly, the activity was ended by taking a picture together and also reminding the audience to fill the questionnaire of satisfaction.