Pre-Departure Training (PDT) is one of the programs by SECO MMSA UMY that strive to create a good quality of outgoing students. Pre-Departure Training is implemented three times in a year of management. It aims to increase the understanding of SCOPE Exchange and the soft skills of Outgoing SCOPE.

On Tuesday, September 22, 2020, SECO MMSA UMY held its first Pre-Departure Training, attended by members who registered and selected to join the professional exchange from batch 2018. The materials presented were the basic SCOPE Exchange and pre-Exchange administration preparation.

We started PDT at 15.30 p.m. with an introduction between participants and mentioning the countries they accepted. From locals, they were accepted in Czech, Egypt, Finland, France, Morocco, Poland, Portugal, and Slovakia, and another 2 participants are still waiting for the announcement for the extended first batch. After the introduction between participants, the Ministry of SECO for Outgoing 2020/2021 opened the training entitled “A nutshell guide on how to do and basis of exchange”. This activity was held at Microsoft Teams with an in-depth discussion about the exchange. It was then followed by reading out the contents of the contract and the signing of the exchange contract by all participants and the Ministry of SECO for Outgoing 2020/2021, Fitria Azizah H. The participants were very enthusiastic about participating in this training, as they spent a long time on discussion. We also slightly discussed the exchange conditions in each country they intended to visit. Many of the participants also asked about the pandemic. Finally, the Ministry of SECO for Outgoing also explained about the special cases that would eventually lead to legal cancellations and also about the factors that constituted invalid cancellations. We hope this activity may facilitate the outgoings to get a better understanding of preparing their exchange program. We also hope that the pandemic ends as soon as possible and so that the SCOPE Exchange program 2021/2022 runs smoothly until all the participants return safely and work on post-exchange assignments.