Promoting the IFMSA exchange programs throughout the year is a challenge itself, let alone during a global pandemic. As we all know, 2020 has brought an obstacle to many SCOPE and SCORE programs since there were no exchange activities, including XBOX.

The main theme for XBOX 2020 was “Look Closer: Healthcare around the World”. We thought that it was also appropriate to hold this program in two days; one for training and lectures, the other for capacity building.

On the first day, we worked with EF English First to train the members of MSCIA in their English public speaking. Oven though there were challenges, yet on the bright side, we stumbled upon opportunities that wouldn’t even come up in a normal year. We were lucky enough to be able to invite dr. Asri Maharani, MMRS, PhD, to explain various healthcare systems around the world. This was intended to increase the motivation and interest of the members to join the exchange programs, especially during this pandemic. We also invited a few NEOs and NOREs from other NMOs and were lucky enough that Shiva Shandesh H. Math, the NORE Out of MSAI India, could join the online session to explain about the healthcare system in India and the response from the Indian government regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Members of SCOPE and SCORE MSCIA UB were then divided into six Small Working Groups, where they each research about the healthcare system in Poland, Portugal, Finland, Morocco, Egypt, and Spain. During the one-week time between Day 1 and 2, they also worked together with MSCIA alumni, who had done an exchange program to mentioned countries, to prepare a presentation and a poster about the healthcare system. The posters that the members made were uploaded on MSCIA’s official Instagram page for voting.

On Day 2, the members finally delivered their presentation. All six SWGs were judged on their presentation by the former LEO, LORE, and previous VLE. SWG Finland was crowned runner up and SWG Egypt was seated in the first place with the highest scores. SWG Portugal won The Most Favorite for having gained the most likes for their poster on Instagram.

The winner announcement also wrapped up XBOX 2020. We hoped that through this program, the members of MSCIA could have a bigger interest to explore more opportunities abroad through the exchange programs, or as we say on XBOX 2020, to oversee the overseas.