Explore English with SCOPE Today (EXPECTO) in collaboration with SCORP is an activity that gives the participants a chance to enhance their public speaking in English and their knowledge on Universal Health Coverage. The participants of this activity were SCOPE and SCORP members, along with other students studying health aspects. We hope, by joining this activity, the participants will receive a real experience of public speaking in English which is really hard to find. Besides that, we aim to make the participants understand more about UHC in Indonesia and other countries, especially in Greece and Germany. Hence, we hope that in the upcoming future, it will encourage the participants to contribute to a better UHC in Indonesia.

The activity was held for three days, which was on the 3rd, 4th, and 17th of October 2020. It was held fully in English. The first activity was held for the members of SCOPE and SCORP only. On that day, we learned about Indonesia’s UHC trained by Kartika Nurrosyida, Human Resources Trainer (HRT) CIMSA UNAIR. We also had training about public speaking by Clauvinna Adhityana Lie who is the National Exchange Officer for Outgoing SCOPE CIMSA Indonesia 2020/2021. The training went incredibly fun since we were excited to learn more. After the training, we gave certificates to both of the trainers as a token of appreciation. The next day, the members presented about Indonesia’s UHC. Then, as an ice-breaking session, we had games to guess the songs.

On the 17th of October 2020, the third day for EXPECTO in collaboration with SCORP was held by inviting IKAMABINAS and the Faculty of Nursing of Universitas Airlangga as the participants. The day started with a short introduction of CIMSA to get more familiar with the activities. Afterward, a series of training followed, starting with the training about UHC in Indonesia by Kartika Nurrosyida. Then, it was followed by the training from our former incomings, Alexandra Koulousi from Greece and Quynh Chi Le from Germany, about UHC of their countries. Alexandra told us about the basics of UHC in Greece and its situation during the pandemic. Moreover, Greece was crowned to be the best country to manage the pandemic. Then, it was followed by another training by Chi about UHC in Germany. Not only that she told us about the basic UHC in Germany and regarding the pandemic, but she also compared the UHC of many countries, which led to a conclusion where being a developed country doesn’t ensure a good UHC. After the training sessions, the participants had a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) to discuss the materials, which was then presented in a form of materials conclusion and the UHC comparison in countries presented before. The presentation was then rated by the judge and the best presentation received a friendly gift. The activity ended by giving certificates to the trainers and taking photos together.