In this era of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important for us to be able to play a role and adapt to the new lives. One of them is to add insight and self-education to be able to adapt to the surrounding environment. SCOPE CIMSA UNAIR is here to provide this forum. Diving Through Travel Policy and Traveler’s Health During Pandemic (DIURETIC) is a webinar event organized by SCOPE CIMSA UNAIR with the aim to provide insight into travel’s policy and travel’s health during the COVID-19 pandemic. With this webinar, it is hoped that the participants can gain knowledge in making travel destinations.

This event was held on January 16th, 2021, preceded by an opening from the Dean of Airlangga University, Prof. Dr. dr. Budi Santoso, Sp.OG (K). He conveyed several points, related to the COVID-19 issue that is rife all over the world and the message he can convey to fill activities at home with positive activities, one of which is by joining the DIURETIC webinar.

After the opening, it was continued with the presentation of the first material by Dr. dr. Dominicus Husada, MCTM (TP), Sp.A (K) about Travel’s Medicine. The material he gave was related to various endemic diseases in various countries such as malaria, to the level of transmission of COVID-19 when traveling. He also touched on the vaccine that is currently being distributed in Indonesia.

After the first material, it was followed by the provision of the second material about Travel’s Policy which was discussed by Judha Nugraha, as the Director of Protection of Indonesian Citizens and Indonesian Legal Entities-Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Indonesia. In his presentation, he discussed the role and efforts that have been made by the ministry of foreign affairs during the pandemic, and conveyed how many Indonesian workers (TKI) who are abroad still ignore health protocols. In his last message, he conveyed the socialization that had been carried out as well as a message to the Indonesian people to participate in coordinating with the government in handling COVID-19 according to their respective roles.

The Q&A session was held after the two presenters delivered their material, critical questions by the participants were answered by the two presenters with very accurate and understandable explanations. From two speakers to a Q&A session, a lot of knowledge was conveyed about the importance of travel medicine and about how travel policy applies during this pandemic.

Not only that, there was Sharing Session in the last event. In this session, we invited a source person from PPI Maastricht represented by drg. Adji Dara Vania (Chairman of PPI Maastricht) and Muhammad Almer Putra Arnapi (Head of the Internal Division of PPI Maastricht). Both of them talked about how to become Indonesian students who studied abroad during this pandemic. Many interesting experiences and messages were conveyed by Dara and Almer. One of them is the influence of the opportunity to study abroad during the pandemic, how the regulations obtained by both of them in Maastricht, and the differences in health protocols in Indonesia and Maastricht.