COVID-19 pandemic is affecting every corner of the world ever since first being announced at the end of 2019, and the case has been increasing. The question is, are we on the right track to alleviate the impact? Handling of COVID-19 are various in different countries, which interpret different rates of cases depending on the country itself. This phenomenon is tightly regulated by what health system does the country adheres to. Therefore, this account for the making of GENESYS: Get To Know Health System.

GENESYS, held by SCOPE CIMSA FK UNPAD along with several agenda to work with, was packed in various forms of event that mainly discuss health systems and its relation with the COVID-19 pandemic.

We educate people by creating an interesting infographic that consists of the mentioned topics regarding the health system and the differences across the globe, including Indonesia. Not only that, but we also talked about the Indonesian health care problem through the infographic. Then, we made an assessment using Instagram Story features; pre- and post-infographic assessment.

Before going into our next infographic, we trained our GENESYS committees with dr. Indah, FK UNPAD alumni, to share about the health system and COVID-19 condition in Indonesia. It was such an amazing experience and certainly opened up our committees’ knowledge about the topic, which affects to overcome this pandemic. Our first training ended with success and enthusiasm.

We also create a total of 2 GENESYS podcast episodes. In the first episode, we invited our former incoming from Germany, Nikola Krupezevic, and was hosted by one of our GENESYS committee, Kezia Immanuella. The discussion was about the health system that Germany adheres to and its correlation with the COVID-19 pandemic. She mentioned that currently, 2 health care insurances cover Germany Universal Health Coverage (UHC); Social Health Insurance, and Public Health Insurance. The treatment quality depends on its law and detailed contents listed by the Federal Joints Committee. In our second podcast, we invited one of SCORP CIMSA FK UNPAD alumni who is currently studying in Melbourne, Australia. We discussed a similar topic but more about Australia. It opened our minds to differences in handling this pandemic in a developed country. Medicare is Australia’s Universal Health Care Coverage, which is financed by government tax revenues and levies. The strategy regardless of their UHC is the formation of the National Healthcare Agreement of the COAG (2012). Australia’s aim to alleviate this pandemic by creating a government policy based on Chief Medical Officer suggestions. Thus, their action towards this virus is compelling.

Next, we released our second geographic, which contains information referring to the “Handling of COVID-19 Pandemic in Various Countries”. It contains 6 countries’ examples of their progress and action to fight against the pandemic. We also made an assessment as well by creating a quiz and posted it at CIMSA FK UNPAD Instagram Stories as well.

Our activities are coming to an end, and we hope that through our activities, we can reflect on how developed countries tackle problems in connection with this pandemic. This also includes reflecting on how other countries reduce daily cases of COVID-19. The health system surely plays a huge role in this pandemic, which contributes to the success to overcome this highly contagious and infectious virus.